Charnamrut Dairy & Food  Products concentrates on the implementation of a well-structured Quality Policy for GMP. Our Quality Policy is to provide our customers the best quality of ghee, which is safe, produced under hygienic procedures and which complies in all respects with customer expectation and all legal requirements.

Company has professional team of skilled and experienced people. The company has a well equipped in-house production unit with state-of-the-art machines. Its well trained work force & inspection of products at each stage of manufacturing help in providing customers with consistent quality at all times.


Well Experienced & Trained Workforce

Charnamrut Dairy & Food  Products ’ workforce is highly skilled in dairy industry, well experienced & trained and thoroughly understands that every single customer deserves the best for company. Each member of the staff working in production, packaging, storage and distribution are thoroughly trained in food hygiene standards. Managers, supervisors and operators receive full training to carry out quality tests at regular intervals.


In House Laboratory for Product testing

Company has its own In house laboratory with all new technological instruments for testing purity of ghee.  It control and sustain pure ghee quality which leads to our customer satisfaction. Due to our ghee purity and its control through chemical test as per FASSI rules, company has gain growth and adds value to our brand.

Pure Ghee Testing Certificate


S. No. Quality Characteristic Results
1. Description Pure Clarified Milk Fat, free from colouring matter, preservative, animal body fat, wax and extraneous matter
2. Texture (Under Semi Solid condition) Granular
3. Colour (Under Semi Solid condition) Yellow
4. Flavour Typical ghee flavour, clean and pleasant
5. Moisture (%, m/m) 0.12%
6. FFA, % oleic acid m/m 0.220%
7. RM Value 29.10
8. PV, ml 1.2
9. BR reading at 40ºC 41.60
10. Baudouin Test NEGATIVE
11. Mineral oil test NEGATIVE
12. Residual test NEGATIVE

This is to certify that the product complies the specification mentioned in The Food Safety and Standards Regulations, 2011.

*This all value is Approx as per report.